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Lex Luddy is a Junior Editor for TheGamer and journalism student. She has written for Vice, Fanbyte, Gayming Magazine, Push Square, startmenu and more. She can be found on Twitter @BasicalliLexi

A collage showing the chef on the left and a worker on a burger store taking a selfie with the protagonist on the right. 1
Judgment: Complete Friend Guide

The streets of Kamurocho are always full of weird and wonderful characters. Here's how to befriend the residents of the city in Judgment.

Games With Visual Character Progression - Lara Croft (Tomb Raider 2013), Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2), and Venom Snake (Metal Gear Solid 5)-1 1
14 Games With Visual Character Progression

Let it never be said that we don't put our video game characters through the wringer. These are the games where you can see events affect them.

Meet Your Maker review 1
Meet Your Maker Review - An Inch Wide And A Mile Deep

Mario Maker meets Doom 3? I have no idea what means, but colour me interested!

Games With Relaxing Soundtracks Featured Image - Transistor, Journey and The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild-1 1
20 Most Relaxing Video Game Soundtracks

Sit back, relax, and listen to some chill video game music.

Gamestop Is Dying And Its Hard To Watch Featured Image - Cork City Gamestop in Ireland through nostaglia lense 1
I Hate Gamestop But Its Slow Death Is Upsetting To Witness

Death by a thousand (job) cuts.

Crime Boss Rockay City Review - Featured Image - Rockay City Main Cast key art 1
Crime Boss: Rockay City
Crime Boss: Rockay City Review - Revisor Dog Days

The Payday series casts a long shadow. A decade later is there room for a new boss of the heist shooter genre?

Tragic Villians in Games Featured Image - James Sunderland, Goro Majima and Superman 1
10 Most Tragic Villains In Games

Their downfall is almost as sad as their actions are evil.

Best Source Games Of All Time Featured Image - The Stanley Parable, Half-Life 2, and Titanfall 2 1
15 Best Source Engine Games Of All Time

These are the best games developed in the Source engine.

Josh Sawyer Creating a Detective Game Where You Never Find The Killer - Fallout New Vegas background with Pillars of Eternity character and Andreas from Pentiment 1
Josh Sawyer On Making A Detective Game Where You Never Solve The Case

Pentiment is a game where you never solve the mystery. How did the creative director of Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity make it satisfying?

Best Fake Fighting Styles Feature Image - Guile in Street Fighter, Ryoma in Like A Dragon Ishin and Dante in Devil May Cry 1
Best Made-Up Fighting Styles In Games

There are plenty of video game characters that use real martial arts, but what about the fighters that are just winging it?

Game art from Bastion, Fallout New Vegas and Dead Cells. 1
11 Best Nameless Protagonists In Games

Who needs a name when you are The Chosen One, a demon-slayer, or a guy with a cool jacket?

Best Action Platformers Feature Image - Dead Cells, Ninja Gaiden, and Rachet And Clank Rift Apart 1
10 Best Combat-Based Platformers

Platformers are great, but sometimes you need a bit more action. These are the best combat platformers of all time.

fallout_nv_the_outer_worlds 1
Fallout Creators On Creating A Hopeful Dystopia In The Outer Worlds

We sat down with some of the creatives behind the original Fallout games and The Outer Worlds to discuss both series' legacies.

Best Pun and Double Entrendre Video Game Name Featured Image 1
20 Best Double Entendres And Puns In Game Names

Video games love hiding puns in their item descriptions, but what are the best video games whose names are puns themselves?

Things Every Player Does In Like A Dragon Ishin Feature image - Soji. wallpaper art and Ryoma in the suna 1
Like A Dragon: Ishin - 8 Relatable Things Every Player Does

Like A Dragon: Ishin is full of weird and wild moments, but what are things that we all do?

Cutest Enemies In Super Mario Bros - Cat Goomba, Blooper, Shy Guy 1
19 Cutest Enemies From The Mario Series

The Mario series has more unique enemies than any other franchise in video games. But which are the cutest?

A Very Serious List Of The Best Bathrooms In Video Games featured image - Adam Jensen in Deus Ex Human Revolution, Jill Valentine in Residnet Evil 3, and Morgan Yu in Prey 1
A Very Serious List Of The Best Bathrooms In Video Games

Time to do some very important research and figure out what are the best representations of bathrooms in video games.

Hi-Fi Rush Is Just Metal Gear Rising Revenegeance Starring Ryuji From Persona 5 Featured Image 1
Hi-Fi Rush Is Just Metal Gear Rising With Persona’s Ryuji

Hi-Fi Rush's Chai is great but the more we think about it the more we think it is actually just Metal Gear Rising with Ryuji instead of Raiden.

Best Politicians In Video Games Feature Image - Ichiban Kasuga in Yakuza Like A Dragon, The Boss in Saints Row 4, and Senator Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising 1
10 Best Politicians In Games

They might not have the best policies, and I'm pretty sure one of them said something about nano-machines, but they are great politicians.

Blanc Review - Featured Image - Wolf cub barking at a deer fawn 1
Blanc Review - Shades Of Grey

Blanc isn't the style of game you would expect Gearbox to publish but its cute, fun and has a whole lot of heart.

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